Ending The Unnecessary Suffering of Animals In The UK For Good

When it comes to food in the UK, we are a true melting pot of cultures, traditions, backgrounds, and beliefs and ideals – but as humans, we’re all the same. For millennia, humans have consumed meat, fruit, vegetables, and nuts. We’ve done so to sustain ourselves, our families, and our societies. Today, we’re witnessing atrocities within the UK in regard to the mistreatment of animals in slaughterhouses that perform religious or ritualised slaughter. And the public has come together and declared in a single, unified voice that this can no longer happen.

Here at Food Compass, we’re here to ensure that the unnecessary suffering of animals in the UK comes to an end for good.

Here's how we plan on doing it:

At Food Compass, we’re more than just activists; we’re business owners looking to create the first UK food directory specifically designed to provide those who have chosen to say “no” to religious/ritualistic animal slaughtering, so that they can find the businesses, restaurants, and bars who have also joined the cause and refuse to sell or serve ritually slaughtered meats.

Animal Cruelty In The UK

While animal cruelty runs rampant all throughout the world, especially when it comes to food production, the UK maintains a unique standing as a culturally diverse melting pot. With that said, religious and ritualistic slaughtering is a regular practice.

The largest issue is the fact that ritually slaughtered meat in the UK is often not clearly labelled in supermarkets or in stores all across the country, which leaves many unsuspecting British citizens consuming the meat of an animal who may have been mistreated or subjected to suffering through the slaughtering process.

Typically, the most humane way to slaughter an animal is to use the pre-stunning process, which the RSPCA says, effectively renders them “insensible to pain until death supervenes.” And while recent strides have been made to ensure that the pre-stunning process is implemented in slaughterhouses all throughout the UK (nearly 65%), there is still a ways to go to ensure that the pre-stunning process is adopted industry-wide, regardless of religious or ritualistic slaughtering processes.

And now, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that we encourage businesses to serve only meat that has not been subjected to non-stunned practices.

Our Mission

At Food Compass, our mission is simple; we want to end the mistreatment of animals in the UK food industry. While our mission is simple, we’re aware that the steps required to achieve it are not. And for that very reason, we’ve worked to develop the first UK food directory specifically dedicated towards providing consumers with an up-to-date list of businesses who refuse to serve non-stunned meat in their stores, markets, or restaurants.

Our Vision

We like to envision a world where animal cruelty is no longer an issue. Humane slaughtering is of the utmost importance, and in a critical moral moment in global history, protecting those who inhabit the earth and ensuring their safety, comfort, and protection from suffering should be the goal for all of us.

Our Approach

In order to help provide a solution for this nation-wide problem, we’re looking to incentivise businesses around the UK to adopt a cruelty-free business model, where they simply refuse to serve meat that hasn’t been humanely slaughtered.

Through our food directory, we’re providing a centralised hub of information for consumers, so that they can find local businesses in their area who abide by this moral and ethical standard, so that they can only choose to support businesses who align with their values, ultimately increasing profits for those businesses.

At Food Compass, we want every last Brit to come onboard and play a role in this crucial movement.


And if you’re a business looking to participate and get your business listed on our directory, click here to find out how you can register!