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If you’re the owner of a restaurant, takeaway, hotel, pub, butchers or any other food business why not set yourself apart from the competition and make an investment in not only the future of your business, but the future of the UK and the world as a whole?

Here at Food Compass, we’re working hard to build our food directory of businesses who are committed to a cruelty free business model, by serving only non-ritualistically slaughtered meat. .

The Problem

The call for ending the suffering practice of religious and ritualistic slaughtering has never been stronger.


Take a look at this petition:

This call to end the animal cruelty laws that exempt religious slaughterhouses from pre-stunning has nearly 50,000 signatures.

Here’s another one that calls for a ban on un-stunned slaughtering practices that received over 200,000 signatures.

And if you need anymore proof to understand just how fast this movement is growing, any search on Facebook will reveal pages and groups in excess of 100,000 members or followers.

If you’re a local business owner, you can see just how important these petitions are to the citizens of the UK, and for that very reason, we’d like to ask you to come aboard and join this growing movement.

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Registering with Food Compass is easy! Simply fill out the provided form below to get started and select your industry. From there, you can submit your payment and a member of our team will contact you directly to help you set up your account with us.

To register your business with Food Compass, you’ll be responsible for paying a one-time signup fee of only £750

We’re also offering a special discounted sign-up fee of only £250 for the first 1,000 businesses! Be quick to sign up!

Grow Your Business

By joining Food Compass, you can open up your business to a whole new world of opportunity. For customers who search our directory, they’re all but guaranteed to come to your establishment and make a purchase because their interests seamlessly align with your business model.

If you’re ready to grow your business, grow the movement, and move society forward...


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